Seeing a whole lot of efforts to map anarchist, communist, and socialist organizations and can't help but wonder... why y'all want to put these people on a list?

Black Socialists started it and had a block party on Twitter. Now I see people doing it on the Fediverse.

Like... we get it you're cops.

I’m mildly annoyed that I get more engagement on my account than on my account, if only because twinja is a tiny instance that’s prone to going down (no offense, Granddad and friends!) and my engagement FROM this instance itself is minor.

I feel like when I’m forced to switch, I’ll be in an engagement desert. Sigh.

I should be building my fediverse presence more. Twitter has completely gone to shit now.

Car Broke, Asking for help 

Twitter has created, algorithmically or otherwise, a “political enemies” list in a country where ICE has recently been empowered to arrest anyone, anywhere, without a warrant or charges, and put them in a camp.

None of the above is hyperbole either, it’s all literally true.

But hey let’s post about TV and cum or whatever, I guess?

Like, it doesn't seem to have sunken in with anybody on Left Twitter yet that they gave their phone number to Twitter and Twitter has flagged them as dissidents in order to soft-ban them from political threads.

I mean...

Welp, Twitter is actively censoring and selectively blocking Left-associated accounts from targeted political threads now.

So that's cool.

Main account: thread won't load, "over capacity" error.

Alt account: thread loads fine, commenting works fine, no errors

Confirmed by hundreds of users.

This is a great sign and definitely not a prelude to anything we should worry about. Nope.

What even is in the Dakotas? Like what goes on there? Shit is real weird looking man. Soy? Corn? Like 6 people? No seriously though.

Like, before my posts on Local Timeline, the most recent thing I can see was August 18? For real?

LOL I actually have more followers here than Twitter now after getting permabanned 5 times.

But I wonder how many of these followers are still even real active accounts. Hello? Anyone?

How long has been back up and nobody fucking told me? @Granddad ??

My anaconda don’t -
My anaconda don’t -
My anaconda don’t belong here because it is invasive

LOL connecting to my Twitch PC from upstairs now looks like this....

@Granddad I'll never abandon you.

Except when Twinja goes down for 3 months and when it comes back up it has like 8 users.

Hey @Granddad I need my personal wookiee emojis dude come on. :P

For the 5 minutes a week I spend on here.. :P

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