I imported my list but the follow counts don't match. I guess the rest are just pending requests?

Ok kids, you should be getting follows from the other me. 💋

because tbh I want to be SO MUCH more rude 😒😉

Thinking of refollowing everyone on my secondary account so I can be a bit more open. This one is still pretty tied to the rest of my online life. Would that piss people off?

Oh shit, I need to get some challah dough going tonight.

Playing piano on Instagram stories because I'm kind of at a loss tonight.

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If the past several weeks have confirmed anything it’s that nerds with nice mouths are still very much My Bag.

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If you have an a bad tattoo that you referring instead of getting a cover up just get a tattoo of the MST3K sillouettes looking up at it and making fun of it

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Jessi is leaving her job way out in the Chicago suburbs, taking a little time off, and joining a company we know in downtown Chicago in January.

Sometimes Jessi brought Oscar up with her, and the office had grown to love him.

This is her last week. Her coworkers, including one who usually isn't that into #dogs, just asked her to bring Oscar up one more time. 😊

#photos #puppies

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where do I go for this treatment

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Gonna start replacing “as a bit” with “as a gender reveal”

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I have *really* been wanting to sit by a fire lately and now I’ve watched a bunch of videos of someone’s vacation weekend in the Catskills with snow and a fire and a cozy bed and an ICE CAVE and ughhhhh why can’t I do THAT?

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We're really just here for the pineapples. Dancing Pineapple