I'm now getting DMs of support because people are afraid if they agree publicly they'll be harassed next. That's not a good atmosphere folks.

@Gargron They will be fine. Wil was the problem. He's no longer a problem. I mean, you aren't being harassed and you said we bullied him off the site.

@Granddad @Gargron The thing I question about the "bullied off the site" thing is WilW will *not* be bullied. I have quite honestly seen exactly what sort of stuff he pulls, and pulls in public, and gets away with it. Pointing that out is *not* bullying. And the fact that some are calling it such is highly problematic to me. The fact that Eugen has felt that new "rules" need to be put in place, absent the clarification of what is meant by them. Creates a sense of language/behaviour policing

@JigmeDatse @Gargron Wil has written about his experience so everything went according to plan for him. He's now the victim and those dang trans people are an angry mob running away their allies. Everyone saw this coming and I hope nothing is changed because of this. I don't care about people's opinions on what happened, I care about how much will get changed if/when this happens again.


@JigmeDatse @Gargron Like, what are you going to do when nazis see how this went and start showing up? Will it be okay as long as they don't have a history over here and never say nazi stuff? This should be a lesson learned for lots of people including Eugen. The world ain't nice and some people know what they are talking about.

@Granddad @JigmeDatse Nazis also know how to weaponize callout culture to wreak havoc on leftist spaces, though.

@Gargron @JigmeDatse I agree with you about "callout culture" and will even go as far to admit that this is what in kinda turned into. I think there should be some reflection as to why a person is getting called out. A person saying, "oh no I'm attacked" should not mean they get the full defense force.

@Granddad @Gargron The only things which people have found in terms of "abuse" towards wilw were basically "shut up" type comments. Those who *have* shared the negative comments they found, could well have been filtering the comments, or the abusive ones may have been deleted and they didn't see them. But since *no* one has provided any evidence which amounts to anything beyond "shut up wil" type comments to call it abuse means I'm abused pretty much daily here, I should leave in a huff.

@JigmeDatse @Granddad @Gargron while I don't think it deserved the response it got, the toot that started it all, the bofa style joke, also called him a little bitch. He probably should have just blocked them, and any frivolous reports that he or his followers did is unacceptable.

@sexybenfranklin @Granddad @Gargron I saw some stuff which I couldn't tell if it was in jokes, and if it was in jokes, whether or not he was in on them or not. If so, I would say that it was nothing. But if he wasn't it was stuff that is way milder than a lot of stuff that I've seen directed at me that "can't you take a joke?" is a "legitimate" response. Like literally had "go jump off a bridge fagot" said to me, and that didn't bully me off the platform.

@JigmeDatse @Granddad @Gargron I mean, he didn't get bullied of the platform, the admins of mastodon.cloud suspended his accounts because it was receiving a lot of frivolous reports. But yeah, he really should have just blocked people and move on. Maybe block the entire instance that was harassing him.

@sexybenfranklin @Granddad @Gargron While it may be true technically that his account was suspended (I don't know, but I don't believe that actually is the case) he made a *massive* point of "leaving social media entirely" because of the bullying. When I last looked, his account content is still available, he's just stopped posting. This was *significantly* after the claims he'd been "bullied off the platform" were well established.

@Gargron @Granddad My issue with this statement is not so much that it is vaguely incorrect. But that it misses the point. Callout culture is being called out, and it's being used as an excuse to dismiss callout culture. I *know* that bad stuff has happened with that, but what I've seen is most who question callout culture, are people of privilege suggesting that there is a fundamental flaw. And there is. It's that it *had to develop* in order to deal with real problems.

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