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and when I get that feeling
i want sexual

Boy just out here not even sleeping. Probably gonna just order some food for today and tomorrow instead of going to the store like I planned. Unless I don't feel like trash in 4 hours...which I will

Messed around and got Black Ops Foe because I wanted a multiplayer shooter where I could just shoot stuff without being relied on. Would play Rainbow Six but getting team killed was enough for me.

kpop stands for kate pop, and is when i pop off, thank's

It rained and wasn't expecting it. I might fuck around and go to sleep before the sun comes up. Just might

when I log onto Mastodon for the first time that day

heard my dad achieving orgasm in the next room so i Shazamed it and got a young thug song

I stopped talking about politics on twitter dot com and I have nothing to talk about now except saying how bad my brain is.

Is this no personality

I can't wait to hear the FBI testimony about Mastodon.

SENATOR: Agent Johnson, what was your experience with the Mastodon platform?
AGENT: Sir, it was very lit. Queens were going off with regularity. They were forming task forces to hug enbies and encourage self-care. At one point many of them talked about a substance they referred to as "slime", and at another point they all encouraged each other to "boost their toots."
SENATOR: Do you suspect any seditious acts?
AGENT: No sir, I do not. uwu.

With all that out the way, I still want to do the cyber security. I'll never work for the FBI as my forensics class made sure that whatever thoughts I might have had working for them, is gone like a mofo

For admins, The person running "hacker dot space" works for the FBI and we know how cops are

Almost forgot about some school stuff I was supposed to do. Phew. that would have been probably not good

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We're really just here for the pineapples. Dancing Pineapple