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Lol yeah fuck that nonsense. Convoluted ass website that doesn't help. That's what I get for going to a trade school in East Texas lmao

Bout to see if I can get my college transcripts from a tech school I attend waaay back. Since it's a tech school, I'm assuming I'll have to actually go to Texas and receive the paperwork.

I wanted to go to the cybersecurity club meeting today but as I have not even left my ain't happening

I'm bout to listen to all this old school Texas stuff now. Dammit

Trying to find an easy way to do bash scripting on Windows other than logging onto the school server through MobaXterm was a mistake. I should have just kept using the stupid vi editor

I haaaate vi editor. That is all.

Especially since it's completely different now from what I'm being taught at the moment.

adderall infused sincire post Show more

adderall infused sincire post Show more

adderall infused sincire post Show more

Those are the kind of jokes I provide now. If you want something better from me, make this stupid ass country give me decent meds. :computerthrow:

People keep asking if they can fuck Detective Pikachu,,,buddy Pikachu has a case to solve and won't be fucking tonight

After I've had my morning Tide® Pod I like to wash it down with a big helping of Tide® Juice. Mmm mmm.

Tide® Juice
It Burns Going Down™


Sure are a lot of people getting semen all over their bodies today.

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We're really just here for the pineapples. Dancing Pineapple