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Is anyone here who hosts an instance using LDAP for user accounts?

This been a long ass day. Shit ain't gone ever end.

My kink is never fucking. Sorry you vanilla nerds. Get on my level.

So Twinja went down and now it's back but it's been a month and I dunno what I was doing or who I know/knew.


POLL: A drunk genie informs you they will grant you one beverage of your choice; it can be LITERALLY ANYTHING. What do you ask for

Finally got over 3 hours of sleep. It's now 10:30 so um....shit

disappointing literally everyone with my new video series, Gamer Girls Done Quick

I need to find what mastodon 2.6.5 does. See what all I can fuck up

This has been a long terrible day and it's on;y 4 central american time

go tell @ItsJenNotGabby happy birthday, she deserves it

happy birthday pal! 🐖:toot:🎇🎆🎁🎁:toot:

HAPPY BIRTHDAT TO THE VERY GOOD HOMIE @ItsJenNotGabby. Love ya you damn nerd

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We're really just here for the pineapples. Dancing Pineapple