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The cool thing about being on a dead instance is that we can never get canceled💅🏾

I have 88 hours on MK 11 and I'm not even sure how that happened. Welp, time to add to it

I am so behind on this school stuff. Jezus 😞

Yeast is living rent free in your bread

I hope Katie Bouman was using SSDs for her algorithm.

Tomorrow's my birthday, and today I'm going to an expensive doctor's appointment.

If you want to chip in as a birthday present, it would make my day. Thanks in advance

the venn diagram of people who call friendships “emotional labor” and people who demand their friends pay them back for $2 purchases is just a circle

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good morning everyone, and happy birthday michael fassbender, emmylou harris, linda hunt, and penelope keith.

sad birthday to martin shkreli.

today is also ferret day, children's book day, peanut butter and jelly day, love your produce manager day, and world autism day.

on this day in 1877 the first easter egg roll is held at the whitehouse, in 1917 the first woman elected to US congress, jeanette rankin, begins her term, and in 1989 hulk hogan beats randy macho man savage at wrestlemania 5.

upon further recollection, it’s actually “come in me bro” and it’s saved to my phone

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We're really just here for the pineapples. Dancing Pineapple