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Don't often get to see this: a toaster approaching telophase in its mitotic process, about to pinch off its cell membrane. Nature is truly amazing

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PSA: fair chance I destroy and recreate this instance sometime in the near future.


Looking to stand up more unified services including Nextcloud, Friendica and a few more, all under the same credential management

cool software recommendation: xpra

it's kinda like screen for x, it lets you run applications remotely over ssh and stuff, including mirroring the active display

Are you supporting anti-fascism?

See, it's really quite easy...

This for my insomnia tooters. If you're in a place where it's daytime, don't read.
Go to sleep

Letting my solar battery charge on the dashboard so I can see how much juice it can generate in two hours

Taking down the instance for maintenance on the host. Back in a little bit.

just donated $5 to Wikipedia so I'm basically a hero, please think of me next time you look something up

laughing at the idea of a Staten Island MAGA guy being like "today i finally realized dat donald trump IS a racist after he failed to condemn da disgusting attacks on Christopher Cuomo"

The ways to make eggs:

- Sunny
- Scrombled
- Over-difficult
- Jummed
- Sicko mode

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We're really just here for the pineapples. Dancing Pineapple